Welcome to the Line Up product pages.

The website is structured to have the same feel as our other promotional material like posters and brochures.

Appearance of cues in particular is like most other sports fashions - they change with the trends of our times. At Line Up we try to be in the forefront with the moves around the world and our designers are constantly upgrading the look and finishes of our cues. This means that the pictures may not always depict a completely identical "look" to the actual product. It does however guarantee that what you are purchasing represents the latest in cue technology and contemporary design.

For the retailer especially the packaging and presentation is essential, in collaboration with our customers we have over the years put much effort into perfecting this important merchandising issue. Strong and attractive packaging with detailed description and bar coding are just a few of the advantages that we are offering to make it easier for you to sell our products.

At Line Up we are always keen to hear about your experiences with our products, good or bad please never hesitate to Contact Us.